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We are realy close (less of one hour trip by car) to Apuana Mountain Regional Park where a wige path- network allows itineraries of varying degrees of commitment.

The Apuan Alps are known for the beauty of their marbles and for the deep abysses and large caves of the karst subsoil. Very varied and contrasting environments, which favor the floristic and fauna richness of the territory. A truly wild environment, peaks over 2000m high from which you can enjoy hot coffee while looking at the nearby sea.

Equally close is the Apennine National Park, with less demanding treil than the Apuan paths, but equally beautiful and full of open views among the pastures.

The National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines boasts an extraordinary wealth of environments, from grasslands to blueberry heaths to the most inaccessible peaks; and still lakes, waterfalls, ponds, rocky walls that stand out over the streams; animals such as wolves, mouflons, roe deer, golden eagles and botanical rarities that make entire areas real natural botanical gardens.

The 5 Terre are truly a unique place in the world. The seaside villages are picturesque, but the surrounds landscape makes them breathtaking. Crests of vineyards overlooking the deep blue sea. The 5 villages offer olso the opportunity to taste excellent wines and typical seafood dishes. The most pleasant trip to visit them is by ferry, but also by land they certainly don’t lose charm.