Sentiero nel parco

Hiking with Lisa

It is true that Tellaro is an architectural pearl to photograph, but hidden in the adjacent
wood, still partially intact, there is a story to see and hear that begins in 200 BC, and
continues until the middle of the first century. Among ancient people, Roman
legionaries, medieval wars and destruction, plagues and pirates, and up until the
construction of a castle on the sea, which still resists today.

Ritratto di Lisa Antognetti

Lisa brings history and tradition with her and can’t wait to tell you about it. She is a tour
guide and chairs the small library of the town which holds numerous books on the historical and cultural memory of the place.

Along the very old mule tracks, you will reach paths overlooking the sea

walking among the bellies of the dry stone walls ….. traces of a recent Ligurian past

and then immerse yourself in luxuriant woods, among mosses and rocks that hide ancient rites.

You can reach wonders of great geological interest and fairy tales.

Hikking must be booked and agreed early. There are 2-hour routes, even just to take wonderful photos, half or full day (about 7 hours).  Write Lisa to chose your trip and know price. She is available also for hikking in Apuane Mountain or 5 Terre National Park.